Speciální InfraRed lineární zdroje pro průmyslové aplikace

Heating principle

Basically there are three main heating principles:

  • Conduction
    Heat transfer is by direct contact between the source and the object.
  • Convection
    Heat transfer is by a flow of liquid or gas which is itself heated by a heat source.
  • Radiation 
    Heat transfer is by the emission of radiation from a hotter object such as the sun, an open fire or an infrared lamp to its cooler surrounding environment. Objects which receive this radiation from the heat source absorb it and become hotter.

DR. FISCHER infrared lamps use this radiation principle. They directly heat an object or person at which they are directed without heating the surrounding air. This is what makes them highly efficient heat sources.

Infrared halogen lamps

Infrared halogen lamps are used for a wide range of applications, such as comfort heating, semiconductor industry, bottle-blowing, thermoforming, infrared heating cabins, car paint drying, food warming etc.
Our infrared catalogue presents all our infrared lamps for various applications. In addition to these standard products, we also supply a number of lamps designed to meet the specific requirements of our key partners

Key benefits of DR. FISCHER infrared lamps

Our infrared halogen lamps have a broad spectrum, but most of the radiation they produce is in the IR-A part. For most industrial and people heating applications this is the region that gives the highest heating efficiency.

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